Course Modules offered for the 2014-15 academic year

To complete a Masters students are required to take 90 ECTS, 60 ECTS for taught modules and 30 ECTS for the dissertation. Required modules are indicated by an asterisk [*] and are worth 60 ECTS. Students may take up to 30 ECTS from optional modules.

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Open Manuscript

Pre Term

Structured Programming* (10 ECTS)

Semester 1

AFF601 Digital Humanities: Theory and Practice* (10 ECTS)

AFF615A Doing Digital History (10 ECTS)

AFF606A Digital Scholarly Editing I (10 ECTS)

AFF604A Modelling Humanities Data (10 ECTS)

AFF612 Special Topics in Preservation: Digital Curation (5 ECTS)

CS130 Databases (5 ECTS)

Semester 2 

AFF611A Digital Humanities Practicum* (10 ECTS)

AFF606A Digital Scholarly Editing II (10 ECTS)

AFF621 Remaking the Physical: Recording, Visualising and Disseminating our Cultural Heritage (10 ECTS)

CS230 Web Information Processing (5 ECTS)

CS261 Multimedia Technology (5 ECTS)

MD620 Digital Bodies, Digital Selves: Sex and Gender Online (10 ECTS)

Summer Term

Project and Dissertation* (30 ECTS)