The teaching and learning outcomes will be assessed in the course of the module via three(3) formal assessments. In all stages of preparing the work, there will be support and informal feedback by the instructor to highlight strong points and achievements, as well as the areas that would benefit from further development. In all assessments students are expected to demonstrate skills and knowledge on the theory and practice of 3D modelling and be able to critically apply these to research questions and problems.

Assessment 1: Essay 3,000 words (30% contribution to final mark)
Topic: Photorealism and Digital Reconstruction
Deadline: Friday 31st March 5pm (Moodle)

Assessment 2: In-class Practical Assessment on 3D Modelling (20% contribution to final mark)
Deadline: Tuesday 4th April (in-class)

Assessment 3: 3D Modelling Project (50% contribution to final mark)
Deadline: Friday 5th May 5pm (Moodle)
Proposals due 14th February