Teaching methods
Apart from lectures and supervised practical exercises, which will be the main teaching methods, classes will encourage active learning through discussion, group activities and critical thinking exercises. Students will be required to reflect on the main concepts discussed in the class, while presenting, discussing and analysing works and text extracts of theoreticians and practitioners in the field. A field trip (museum and/or archaeological site) will also allow to put into practical effect the theoretical concepts taught in the classroom. In addition, small projects that require research, collaboration and synthesis will help students to develop their own research capabilities. Teaching methods also include supervised and unsupervised practical exercises, use of electronic tutorials, online learning resources, library resources, as well as preparation, and participation in short presentations of particular topics related to the module.

Work Load
Contact hours are in the form of a 1/2 hour session of teaching followed by a 1/2 hour long practical/ hands-on experience of a particular tool or method or group discussion. Additional time will be available for both supervised and unsupervised practical study.


Week 1
Presentation of the Module and Assessments. Cultural Heritage in the Digital Age: An Introduction

Week 2
Heritage and Technology: A Fruitful Marriage?

Week 3
Heritage Visualisation in the Digital Age: Potential, Debates and Challenges

Week 4
Computational Imaging of Heritage Artefacts

Week 5
Modelling Heritage in Three Dimensions: Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches
(+ Discussion Group on the Theory of Digital Heritage)

Week 6
The Museums of the Future: Interaction and Participatory engagement

Week 7
Telling Good Stories in Museums and Cultural Heritage Sites
(+ Discussion Group on the Theory of Digital Heritage)

Week 8
Exploring Virtual Heritage Worlds

Week 9
Augmented and Mixed Reality Heritage: Debates and Challenges

Week 10
Playing with Heritage
(+ Discussion Group on the Theory of Digital Heritage)

Week 11
Social Media and Heritage

Week 12
Project Presentations, Q&A, Feedback