There will be two main assignments. Students will be responsible for establishing a personal blog and posting one entry during the course of the semester based on a review of a metadata standard  (TEI/ Dublin Core / METS / VRA Core, etc). A template / example for this will be provided.

For the second assignment each student will submit a blog entry on a data curation project. The criteria for this will be based in part on class discussions.

Students will also be required to submit a final essay exploring a theoretical aspect discussed in the module.

Assignment 1: 25% (due 13 November)
Assignment 2: 25% (due 27 November)
Class Participation: 20%
Final Essay: 30% (due 5 December)
The final essay should be 2500 words and should include a substantial bibliography. Students should send a proposal (one page + 10 references) for their final essays to Padraic and Susan no later than the 14th of November.

Participation: Each student is obliged to participate in the class discussion each week. Participation means:

    • initiating one thread
    • responding to at least two other threads. Responding means a substantive answer or response to the previous thread items(s)
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