This module will meet on Thursdays from 10.00-1.00 in the AFF Seminar Room

Students must bring laptops to class each week. All readings are freely available on the Internet or through the MU Library.

Autumn 2016

Week 1: 19 September

  • Introduction to the Course, Digital Scholarly Editing in the 21st Century
    • Committee on Scholarly Editions, Pierazo (2014a)
  • Introduction to the Letters of 1916 Project
    • Readings:  Townshend, RTE Archives,
    • Homework: Transcribing one letter in Letters1916: Contribute

Week 2: 29 September

  • Introduction to Metadata: Dublin Core and other schema
    • Readings: Weibel, Rouse
  • Letters 1916 outreach activity
  • Contributing to Letters 1916: Uploading Letters and Creating Metadata
    • Homework: Upload 10 Letters to the Contribute Database

Week 3: 6 October (Guest lecturer : Karolina Badzmierowska and Zoe Reid)

  • Working in Archives: Tour of the National Archives of Ireland and talk on working in archives by the National Archives of Ireland’s Conservator, Zoë Reid

Week 4: 13 October (Guest Lecturer: Shane McGarry)

  • Technologies used in the module and Letters of 1916 workflow
    • Readings: lynda.com (x2 videos), Shannon
  • This week or early the week of the 20th, students, working in small groups, will source and photograph letters in the National Archives of Ireland with Karolina. Photographing sessions will be scheduled outside of regularly scheduled class time.

Week 5: 20 October (Guest Lecturer Neale Rooney)

  • Post Processing NAI Letters

Week 6: 27 October

  • Introduction to TEI
    • Readings and Homework: #dariahTeach XML/TEI Course. Parts I and II
  • Documentary Digital Editions
    • Kline (chapters 4 & 5): Jewell, Pierazzo (2014b),
  • Social Engagement and Public Humanities Projects
    • Working with/for the Public
    • Audience(s): Who is the Edition for?
    • Readings: Carletti, Causer,  Moyle, Clement, Ridge, Siemens

Week 7: 3 November: Reading Week

Week 8: 10 November  (Guest Lecturer Neale Rooney)

  • Letters 1916 Workflow: Part I : Participating in Proofing Letters through the Workflow process
    • Proofing text and TEI (John Dillon)
    • Intro to LetEd
    • Readings and Homework: #dariahTeach XML/TEI module. Part III

Week 9: 17 November (Guest lecturer Shane McGarry)

  • Letters 1916: Interaction Design
    • Readings: Sicilia, Morville (article + prezi)

Week 10:  24 November

  • Letters workflow Part II in LetEd

Week 11: 1 December (Guest lecturer Shane McGarry)

  • Designing Focus Groups: Tailoring Content to Audiences using the TEI module of #dariahTeach
      • Readings: Pösö et al, Richards, Sweet

Week 12: 8 December (Guest lecturer Shane McGarry)

  • Understanding Your Users: Usability Studies and Qualitative Analysis (case study Letters 1916
      • Readings: Still and Albers, Hornbæk

Week 13: 15 December

  • Wrap Up and Lightening Presentations on outreach projects