Karolina Badzmierowska is a PhD candidate in Digital Humanities and History of Art in Trinity College Dublin. She researches digital research collections in art history discipline. She works for the Letters 1916 project and she is responsible for the project image data digitisation and curation, web management, social media communications, outreach and graphic design.

Shane  McGarry is a 3rd year PhD Candidate in Digital Humanities. His research focuses on designing interface metaphors for digital scholarly editions which support alternative modalities of reading, such as hyper-reading, distant reading, and non-linear approaches. Prior to his studies, Shane spent 15 years in the private sector as a software engineer and designer. He holds a B.S. in Information Technology and an MA in Digital Media & Interactive Design.

Neale Rooney is an MA Digital Humanities graduate of Maynooth University. He works for the Letters of 1916 project and he is responsible for digital editing, research and event coordination. He has worked on a number of digital projects including the Woodman Diary and Contested Memories: The Battle of Mount Street Bridge.

Susan Schrebman is Professor of Digital Humanities at Maynooth University, and Director of An Foras Feasa. Her current DH projects include Letters of 1916 and Contested Memories: The Battle of Mount Street Bridge. She is Coordinator for this module.