Essay: The  essay, due 27 December 2016,  should be a reflective, theoretical essay of 5000 words covering some aspect of the module to date. It should not replicate content covered in your blog posts (although it might be on the same topic as one of the posts). Essays should be properly documented and footnoted following the MLA Guidelines.mooney_france_middle_right

Essay topic proposals are due 16 November.  Essays and topic proposals should be sent to the module coordinator through Moodle

Outreach Activity: Each student, in conjunction with the module coordinator and the Letters 1916 team will design an outreach activity to support the Letters of 1916 project. Students may choose to work in pairs if the project warrants it. Outreach may take the form of a twitter campaign, podcast, video, or other activity designed with Letters 1916 staff. Blog Post 2 will be a description and self-reflection on the activity. The activity or project should be carried out by 18 December and the blog posted on that day. Proposals are due to the module coordinator by 7 November.

Evaluation Report on #dairahTeach and completion of exercises in the Introduction to Text Encoding and the TEI course. Due 11 December.

Workflow Assignment: Each student will participate ain proofing and editing a number of letters through its workflow process. Proofing of letters will include both the text (content) of the letters as well as the tagging (XML/TEI). Due 18 December. 

Assessment Percentages

  1. Evaluation Report on #dairahTeach and completion of exercises in TEI module: 20%
  2. Transcribing, proofing, encoding, uploading: 20%
  3. Outreach project Letters 1916: 20%
  4. Final Essay: 40%