Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 11.34.26Semester 1: Autumn 2014


Blog Posts: You will be required to create 2 blog posts


  • Post I will be comment on the Letters 1916 project, either in terms of its content, its technologies, or methodologies. on a particular letter or set of letters for the Letters of 1916 site itself. Select posts may be selected for inclusion on the Letters of 1916 site. This post must be posted by 14 November 2014.
  • Post 2: This post should expand on some aspect of the module that we covered in class. The post should be distinct from what we covered in class and the readings assigned. It should contain at least four bibliographic items for further reading (beyond what was assigned in class). This post must be posted by 12 December 2014.

Essay: The  essay, due no later than 9 January 2015,  should be a reflective, theoretical essay of 5000 words covering some aspect of the module to date. It should not replicate content covered in your blog posts (although it might be on the same topic as one of the posts). Essays should be properly documented and footnoted following the MLA Guidelines. Essay topic proposals are due no later than 28 November 2014. Essays and topic proposals should be sent to the module coordinator by email

Assessment Percentages (n.b.: this will represent 50% of your final mark)

  • Blog Posts: 20%
  •  Essay: 30%