This module will meet on Thursdays from 1.00-4.00 in the AFF Board Room

Students must bring laptops to class each week

Autumn 2014

Week 1: 25 September

  • Introduction to the Course, Digital Scholarly Editing, Public Humanities Projects, Decade of Commemorations, The Great War
  • Introduction to the Letters of 1916 Project: Work to date
  • Uploading Letters to the Letters 1916 Transcription Desk
  • Readings: Bhreathnach-Lynch, Flanders, Schreibman, Townshend, RTE Archives: Ireland and the Great War


    Hopkins Corner, Dublin. Dublin City Library CollectionWeek 2: 2 October 

Week 2: 2 October

  • Technologies Used in the Module
  • XML, XSLT, HTML, CSS, Omeka, WordPress, Photoshop/Gimp
  • Documentary Editing
  • Readings: lydia.com, ‘ What is XML?’ (video), Meloni (+ video), Kline (chapters 4 & 5). Prior to this class, transcribe one letter in the database. 

Week 3: 9 October Guest Lecturer Karolina Badzmierowska

  • Working in Archives: Tour of the National Archives of Ireland and talk on working in archives by the National Archives of Ireland’s Conservator, Zoë Reid
  • Photographing manuscripts

Week 4: 16 October Guest Lecturer Padraic Stack and Karolina Badzmierowska

  • Imaging documentary archives with equipment in the AFF imaging lab
  • post processing Letters 1916 materials

Week 5: 23 October

  • Digital Scholarly Editions
  • Readings: Jewell, Robinson (2003), Vanhoutte

Week 6: 30 October: Reading Week

Week 7: Tuesday 4 November (class moved  2.00-5.00)

  • Talk by Joyce Timms about her grandfather’s diary
  • Talk by David Murphy, Lecturer in Military History, MU
  • Audience(s): Who is the Edition for?
  • Public Humanities Projects
  • Working with/for the Public
  • Readings: Carletti, Causer, Holley, Moyle, Robinson (2007), Clement

Week 8: 13 November 

  • Formal class cancelled. Students will work in the National Archives of Ireland with a Letters 1916 team member to photograph letters. Photographing sessions to be scheduled and may be outside of the regularly scheduled class time.
  • Letters that have been photographed will then be post processed

Week 9: 20 November

  • Metadata: Dublin Core
  • Planning a Digital Scholarly Edition I
  • Readings: Birnbaum,  Renear, Dublin Core, Weibel

Week 10:  27 November Guest Lecturer Shane Murtagh

  • IMG_1866Introduction to TEI
  • Readings: ‘A very gentle introduction to the TEI markup language’; TEI by Example, Tutorials 0 and 1

Week 11: 4 December Guest Lecturer Shane Murtagh

  • TEI Encoding
  • Readings: Chapters 2 and 3 of the TEI Guidelines, TEI by Example, Tutorials 2 and 3

Week 12: Tuesday 9 December (class moved  2.00-5.00)

  • Planning a Digital Scholarly Edition  & Project Management
  • Encoding the Diary I
  • Readings: Kline (chapter 1 & 2; chapter 3 sections I and IIA-1)
  • Readings: Siemens, Croxall, Nowviskie
  • Suggested Readings: Pitti

Week 13: 18 December

  • Planning a Digital Scholarly Edition III
  • Encoding the Diary II