Digital Scholarly Editing @Maynooth University

Welcome to Digital Scholarly Editing, a module of the MA in Digital Humanities at Maynooth University. This module will cover the theories, practices, and standards needed to create text-based digital scholarly editions. This module is a full-year module. Classes are held from 1.00-4.00 on Thursdays throughout the year. This is a three-hour module which will allow time for both theory and practice, including lab and group work.

The class project this year will be two fold: Ireland’s first public humanities project, Letters of 1916, and creating a new edition of a diary from the Great War which, until now, has been held privately and never seen by the public. In the first term, students will be introduced to Letters of 1916, its motives, ethos, methods, and technologies. In the second term, students will construct the diary as a digital scholarly edition, being responsible for all phases of project design.

The module will thus take a two-pronged approach, exploring the technologies and methods integral to this form of scholarship, while taking time to reflect on  tools and practices that we are using. Students will be expected to step back and theorize on what we are doing, while fully engaging  with the construction of the digital collection.