There are two sets of Assignments for this module: for the  MADH students and the Historical Archives Students.

MA in Digital Humanities Assignments:

  1. Student Blog (on the design, navigation,  and modelling of the blog)  30% (Due 16 December)
  2. Video Group Project: 30% (30 November)
  3. Final essay: 40% (Due 15 December): 3000 words.  Proposals for a topic (1 page with c. 10 bibliography items) to be submitted via Moodle by 3 November

MA in Historical Archive Assignments:

  1. Video Group Project: 30% (Due 30 November)
  2. Report on a Scenario (Digitisation, Archiving): 35% (Due 30 November)
  3. Final essay: 35% (Due 15 December): 2000 words. Please send a proposal for a topic (1 page with c 10 bibliography items) to the course coordinator via Moodle by 3 November.