Schedule 2017-18

Lectures will take place on Thursdays from 2-4 p.m  in the An Foras Feasa Seminar Room.

Directly following the seminar, from 4-5 pm, as below, there will be a Research Skills Seminar for the DH students.

Week 1: 21 September  (Costas Papadopoulos)
Lecture: Analogue to Digital: Transformations in the Digital Humanities & module intro
Required Readings: Heppler, Mullen, Fish;
Suggested Readings: Hockey, Vanhoutte

Week 2: 28 September (Costas Papadopoulos)
Lecture: Analogue to Digital: Remaking Material Culture
Required Readings: Clark, Remondino, Thwaites;
Suggested Readings: Suggested Gabellone, Milekic, Neumuller.
Research Skills: Referencing Your Work (Healy) [EasyBib]

Week 3: 5 October (Susan Schreibman)
Lecture: Analogue to Digital: Transforming the Textual Record
Required Readings: Schreibman, Gooding, Dowling;
Suggested Readings: Drucker, Hayles.

Research Skills: Designing the Blog Part I (McGarry) (Reading: Morville)

 Week 4: 12 October (Shane McGarry)
Lecture: Project Management
Required Readings: He, Richards, Siemens
Research Skills: Designing the Blog  Part II (McGarry)

Week 5: 19 October (Meredith Dabek)
Lecture: The Born Digital: Social Media
Required Readings:  Rettberg, Palrey, Delwiche, What is Participatory Culture?;
Suggested Readings: Lessig, Hayles, van Dijck, Klink
Research Skills: Creating an Animated Video (Angelica Litsiou )

Week 6: 26 October (Kevin Long)
Lecture: Digital Preservation
Readings Required: O’Carroll, Digital Preservation Coalition, Flanders;
Suggested readings: Golins, Van den Eynden, DCC Curation Lifecycle Model.
Research Skills: Using the Library (Ciaran Quinn, Librarian) 

Week 7: 2 November:   Reading Week

Week 8: 9  November  (Susan Schreibman)
Lecture: The New Research Environment: Social Engagement and Public HumanitiesRequired Readings:  Jay, Ridge, Scanlon, Schreibman et al
Suggested Readings: Moyle, Dunn, Carletti
Research Skills (MADH Students): Designing the Blog  Part III (McGarry)

Week 9: 16 November (Sharon Healy)
Lecture: The New Research Environment:  Preservation of the World Wide Web
Required Readings:  Niu, Pennock, Brügger and Schroeder
Suggested Readings: Dougherty and Meyer, Milligan, Schneider et al.
Research Skills: Structuring the Essay (Kerr)

 Week 10: 23 November (Jack Kavanagh)
Lecture: The New Research Environment: Numeric-based Analytics and Analysis
Required Readings: Thomas, Bush, Fischer, Floud
Suggested Readings: Kirwan, Reynolds, Gregory
Research Skills: Finding a Research Topic (Papadopoulos)

Week 11: 30 November  (Sara Kerr)
Lecture: The New Research Environment: Text-based Analytics and Analysis
Required Readings: Clement, Harper, Manovich;
Suggested Readings: Anderson, Hoover, Warwick
Research Skills: Quantitative and Qualitative  Methodologies (Kerr)

Week 12: 7 December (Shane McGarry)
Lecture: The New Research Environment: Interacting and Designing for the Digital
Required Readings: Lowren,  White, Cooper, A., Reiman, R., Cronin, D.
Research Skills: Methodologies for your Research (focus groups, surveys, etc) (McGarry)
Readings: Hornbæk Still, Sweet

Week 13: 14  December (Susan Schreibman/Costas Papadopoulos))
 Final Class Presentations of Videos