Meredith Dabek is a PhD candidate, IRC and Hume Scholar in the Media Studies department at Maynooth U. Her research is focused on participatory reading practices and the reader’s experience of digital narratives. She completed the MA in DH at Maynooth in 2015.

Sharon Healy is a PhD candidate in Digital Humanities at Maynooth University. She has worked on several DH projects in An Foras Feasa, the Military Archives and Tech Archives. Her PhD research focuses on bridging the gaps between the creation of web archives and the use of web archived materials for current and future research.

Jack Kavanagh is a second year PhD researcher in Digital Humanities and History at An Foras Feasa, Maynooth University. His research is on the Irish civil war and the role of the National Army. His research involves the use of the programming language R and GIS to re-examine the Irish civil war.

Kevin Long is digital archivist at the Digital Repository of Ireland, and a member of the Research Data Alliance’s European Support Team. His focus is on workflow and policy development for the management, curation and preservation of data. Kevin is a professional librarian with a background in broadcast media archives and post production, and has previously worked for BBC Archives.

Sara J Kerr is a final year PhD researcher and Hume Scholar in Digital Humanities and English at An Foras Feasa, Maynooth University. Her work examines the theme of independence in the novels of Jane Austen, Maria Edgeworth, and Sydney Owenson through the application of vector space models using R programming. Her website can be found at and she tweets as @data_fiend. 


Shane  McGarry is a 4th year PhD Candidate in Digital Humanities. His research focuses on the application of UX principles to data visualisations in the humanities. Prior to his studies, Shane spent 15 years in the private sector as a software engineer and designer.

Costas Papadopoulos is a Lecturer in Digital Heritage at An Foras Feasa, Maynooth University, specialising in cultural heritage, 3D recording, visualisation, simulation and analysis, and in theoretical approaches to archaeology, heritage, and computational methods.

Susan Schreibman is Professor of Digital Humanities at Maynooth University, and Director of An Foras Feasa. Her current DH projects include Letters of 1916 and Contested Memories: The Battle of Mount Street Bridge. She is the Coordinator for this module.


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