Semester 1: Autumn 2017

Essay: You will be required to write one essay of 2,000 words due on 6 November, relating to a topic dealt with in class (40%).


Evaluation of a Case Study: You will be required to write a case study evaluation of 500 words due on 27 November. This will include the assessment and critique of a specific approach to digital museology taken by one of the examples below (20%). Your evaluation should not be a summary of the case study but a critical reflection on the methods deployed and results, especially in relation to visitor/user experience.

  1. Using tangible smart replicas as controls for an interactive museum exhibition
  2. Audio-based narratives for the trenches of World War I : intertwining stories, places and interaction for an evocative experience
  3. Museum in a Box


Mobile App: As part of a group you will be required to develop, and present, a working mobile app experience for the Science Museum, at St. Patrick’s College, Maynooth due on 15 December (40%). Students will work on the development of the mobile app during tutorials, but also may need to meet out of class to work on the project. The finalised app should include audio-visual materials, make use of proximity sensors, and employ digital storytelling principles to enhance visitor experiences. Students will also be expected to write a brief report (approx. 750 words) which will address a) their contributions to the project, b) a reflection on the app development process, including obstacles, limitations, and successes, and c) a personal reflection in regards to their experience with the project, including working with a team, and collaborating with a heritage institution. Each student will get a separate mark based on their contribution to app development, the final presentation, and individual report.