In its first half, this module will introduce students to the subject of cultural heritage within the context of the digital humanities. The lab and tutorial sessions will be based on hands-on group work with our instructors assisting students in moving from ‘raw data’, to data representation to the narrativising data in online narratives.

The data used in the first half of the module will be derived from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and cross-referenced with the Soldier’s Wills archive.  Areas to be explored include data representation, elementary methods of quantitative analysis and multimodal narrative. To provide the background for these discussions, readings will be assigned throughout the semester.

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:

  • Carry out quantitative analysis on small datasets
  • Build a StoryMap
  • Understand the history of the Royal Dublin Fusiliers regiment from the perspective of some of its former members


In the second half of this module, students will be introduced to theories concerning museums in the digital age, and digital storytelling. The majority of this work will be explored via the creation of a mobile walking app, which will be designed by the students in groups during lab and tutorial sessions, with the assistance of the instructors. As this half of the module is project based, students will be expected to incorportate what they have learned through lectures during each stage of project development.

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:

  • Explain and describe digital approaches to museuology
  • Understand and recreate the steps involved in mobile app creation using a template platform