Lecture schedule

Week Week Beginning Lecturer Topic Topic Overview
1 21 September  Vinayak Das Gupta  General Introduction
2 28 September  Sara Kerr  Crowdsourcing  Tues – An overview of crowdsourcing types – transcription, metadata, image – as well as crowdsourcing hubs.

Thurs –  Why is crowdsourcing used for some academic projects?  Some of the processes involved in setting up a project.

3 5 October  Vinayak Das Gupta  Metadata
4 12 October  Sara Kerr  Text Analysis and R  Tues – An introduction to the R programming language covering the basics of the R language (vectors, sequences, missing values, subsetting, matrices and data frames).

Thurs – Using R for basic text analysis. Practical Assignment 1

5 19 October  Vinayak Das Gupta  Collections
6 26 – 30 October   Reading Week: no classes
7 2 November  Vinayak Das Gupta  Linked Data
8 9 November  Sara Kerr  Data Mining Text
9 16 November Vinayak Das Gupta Linked Data
10 23 November  Vinayak Das Gupta  Data Visualisation
11 30 November  Vinayak Das Gupta  Data Visualisation
12 7 December  Sara Kerr Data Visualisation – Text
13 14 December  Vinayak Das Gupta / Sara Kerr